What is Email Coaching? Is It For You?

Updated: Jan 18

If are you working to hard, thinking too hard, and getting frustrated with your online business and marketing? And if you need help but you can't afford to spend thousands of dollars to hire a coach? Then you need to learn how "Email Coaching & Mentoring" works...

In today's Q&A you'll learn.

Q - What is Email Coaching? And Is it right for you?

Email Coaching -- Sounds cool, doesn't it?

But what is it? How do you benefit from email coaching? What kind of problems can you solve with email coaching?

If you ask me, or anyone who has a "direct line of communication" with an expert --- the answer is -- YOU CAN BENEFIT A LOT. Now, you are probably thinking... why do I need a coach? Couldn't I just google it?

If you want specialized knowledge, for a specific problem, then "Googling it" may not be the best option.

If it was, then nobody would have problems -- all of people's problems would be solved by Google. Right?

Now... we know that that's not how it works.

That's why a mentor or a business coach is a must if you want to get unstuck from a specific challenge you are having, or if you want to go in a new direction.

It's very helpful to have Someone who can look at your problem from an different perspective -- and see the easiest and fastest way to your destination.

Traditional coaching is great -- where you meet your mentor face-to-face. But, with traditional coaching there is a price to pay... and not everyone can aford it.

People pay thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars for traditional coaching, depending on the outcome.

But, with technology, things have changed. Skype and Zoom meeting are becoming as powerful as face-to-face meetings and that also means the cost of hiring a virtual coach is also becoming as expensive as traditional face to face coaching.

The reason why traditional coaching is sooo expensive -- is mainly because of the time taken by the coach to be with the client -- either face-to-face or skype, or a phone call.

But Email coaching is different. It gives both the coach and the client enough time and mental space to ask good questions and to respond with clarity.

So how does it work?

Email coaching starts with a "getting to know" and introduction email from the client -- When you start off.. you'll answer a bunch of questions so that the coach or the mentor knows exactly where you are at -- and what you want to accomplish.

You'll open a line of virtual communication using a platform or a support desk and keep it open until your goal is achieved.

Now, you're probably wondering what questions can you ask with an email coaching program...

I'd say -- pretty much any challenge you are facing or want to overcome can be solved with email coaching.

For instance, the Skills For Freedom VIP membership comes with Email Coaching as a part of the VIP membership... and we specialize in helping people with online business and marketing challenges.

So In this case you can ask about anything to do with starting, marketing and scaling your business.


  • The best ways to drive traffic if you have a small budget.

  • How to design a funnel that will convert

  • How to setup your automation the right way

  • Ask to Review your marketing setup

  • Ask for suggestions on your ads and sales letters

  • Social media questions

  • Content writing questions

  • Tools and resources to save time

  • Scripts and swipes to close sales

  • Design and aesthetics for your brand

  • Advice on personal branding

  • Getting clarity on mental blocks with your business

  • Outsourcing advice

  • Pricing and testing

  • Best advice on Affiliate marketing challenges

  • Best advice on creating your own affiliate programs

  • Best platforms that will work for you

  • Marketing and advertising schedules

  • Product and competition research

  • Keyword research... and many other challenges..

You can get personal 1-on-1 help with anything to do with building your online business and marketing.

You don't have to be alone when it comes to your business, you have a direct line of communication with someone who understands your situation and want to see results.

The only thing with Email Coaching and Mentoring is that it is via Email Only... and that's why Email coaching is an affordable way to get coached.

Who is Email Coaching for?

Email coaching is for you if you like to work at your own pace, and don't like to be put on the spot.

Email coaching is for you if you don't have hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a traditional coach.

And Email coaching is for you if you need help with specific problems with your online business journey... and who doesn't have problems?

Thinking and strategizing requires a lot of energy -- you don't have to do it all by yourself.

Remember, two heads are better than one and Email Coaching is the best option if you want million dollar breakthroughs and help -- that is affordable and convenient.

I hope this information was useful for you.

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Speak soon!

Abe Cherian

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